Better with Brady

Better with Brady

Every Election is Determined by the People Who Show Up.

Josh Brady for Mayor
City of Lebanon
Together We are Better with Brady

“Lebanon city is changing, its citizens are ready to become more active in its events,” said Brady. “If I am given the opportunity to serve as mayor for this city, it will be ready to evolve into a more family, business and tourist friendly city.”

Brady sees Lebanon as a place that has such room for opportunity, from its stretches of low cost business spaces to its existing infrastructure capable of making it into a technology aided city of the future. These major resources we have can be used to help make workers into business owners and outdated methods of public transportation into a system that could be close to compare to you getting in your car and driving yourself to work.

A proud 2013 alumnus of Lebanon Senior High School, Brady spends much of his time helping fellow Lebanon City residents develop a sense of community and showing the necessity for giving back. He has volunteered with many different organizations as well as assists residents with creating resumes, recognizing helpful skill sets and applying for jobs that help them better themselves and their families lives. 


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Josh in front of City Hall

Josh in front of City Hall

Josh Brady
Ready to Advocate for You

We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke